Contract Terms Conditions Regulations

Rights and Duties of Partners:

  1. Leaser guarantees that the Segway is suitable for proper use and meets the following requirements:
  2. Segway works and starts properly, braking mechanism works properly, accumulator is in charged condition.
  3. By signing this document, Hirer agrees that He made sure the above mentioned facts are valid, and that.
  4. He accepts the Segway as the object of the present contract.
  5. Hirer is bound to use the Segway with utmost care according to the directions, instructions for use. If he fails to do this he takes the full financial responsabilty in case of any kind of damage.
  6. Partners agree that the condition of renting is the age of 10. Past the age of 10 the Segway can be operated but only accompanied by a grown-up. Partners agree that Leaser has the right to check this. Hirer must show his valid identity card/passport/driving licence. Leaser has the right to deny the contract if this does not happen. Partners confirm, that children can use the Segway only at their own responsibility.
  7. Partners agree, that if Hirer is not yet 18, according to Civil Law, his lawful representative has to agree, even subsequently, to making /signing this contract. Hirer agrees that Leaser presumes this.
  8. Hirer is bound to keep all relevant regulations especially those of KRESZ (Hungarian National State Driving Regulations) /1/1975/11..5./ KPM-BM / If he fails to do this, he should bear all consequences.
  9. Only Hirer may use the Segway, he must not give it to another person. If he does, and there is damage or injury, he must bear full financial responsibility.
  10. Hirer agrees to obey the guide during the whole route of the guided tours.
  11. Hirer agrees that he rents and rides the Segway only for his own responsibility. Leaser or guide can not be made responsible for injuries /accidents.
  12.  Hirer agrees that after the training session the Segway is under his control and he is financially responsible for any damage(s) that might occur while he is riding due to his operation of Segway.
  13. Hirer consents to and permits emergency medical treatment in the event of injury or illness. Hirer understands and accepts that any medical cost incurred with regards to his medical treatment will be his responsibility.
  14. In case of accident, Hirer understands that he does not enjoy protection of “responsabilitĂ© civil circulation” and instead he will engage his personal civil insurance.
  15. At the time of signing this document, Leaser instructs Hirer about the use of Segway, and calls his attention to possible dangers.
  16. The Segway must not be used under the influence of alcohol, medications and drugs and it is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke while driving. Pregnant women are not allowed to use Segway.
  17. It is obligatory to wear a helmet during the tour.
  18. Hirer confirms that he understood and accepted Leaser’s instructions and rented the Segway in full knowledge of them.
  19. The contract expires with the return of the Segway.
  20. Hirer understands that for promotional and souvenir purposes, he may be photographed. Photos and videos may be distributed and available for public viewing.
  21.  Issues not covered in this contract are handled accordinq to PTK 1959 IV Hungarian National State Civil Regulations.